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61 Around the Sun

And so starts another month in the year 2011.

Happy March. It’s the beginning of winter’s end, (YAY!) windy days and making lots of Irish soda bread. 😀
The beginning of this month also signifies the beginning of the Fender Telecaster’s 61st year. Yesterday NPR did a segment on the history of the iconic guitar and I thought, for those of you that missed the date on the calendar, this is a fun, laid back way to kick off another 31 days. Link to NPR’s stream is below and I’ve found a few solid videos of featuring the guitar for your leisurely listening.

“NPR: The Telecaster: Still Wailin’ at 60.”

Happy birthday to the Telecaster! Enjoy!

John Mayer and Keith Urban: (Stratocaster [Mayer] vs. Telecaster [Urban])

John5 (think, Marilyn Mason’s Guitarist, solo project)

Comparison of a Stratocaster, Telecaster and Z2 with identical amp settings.

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