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“Dice Digs” Track Promotion

Get your newest (upcoming) single into some new ears as a “Dice Digs” featured track!

Bands can request a featured stream to their track, which will be highlighted via fixed player throughout ThrowtheDiceandPlayNice.com.


If you have a single track you would like to have posted as a “Dice Digs” featured stream, send an email with “BAND/ARTIST NAME Dice Digs Inquiry” in the subject line and the following information:


1) The length of time you would like your track to be the “Dice Digs” featured stream. Time brackets start at Single Day and can run up to a full week (Seven (7) Days).

Rates start at $5.00 per single day or request a full week for $30.00 (Save 14%!)


2) All pertinent track information:

Song title
Title of affiliated album, record label (if applicable),
Release date for forthcoming singles/album
HQ JPG/PNG (at least 500x500px) of the single or album artwork.


3) URL and SoundCloud embed code of your track (Do NOT check the “WordPress code” box before copying and sending.)


4) Links to major platforms the single will be available for purchase. (e.g. iTunes, Google Play, Amazon)


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