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If you are interested in having your single/EP/album reviewed or featured, please email the inbox listed below.

It is strongly recommended that you READ THROUGH THE EXISTING MATERIAL HERE BEFORE INQUIRING so you have an idea of:


1) What I look for in a band
2) How I structure my articles
3) The kinds of topics I address in my features


Do NOT send emails with file attachments. They will be deleted. A direct link to an organized SoundCloud playlist or Bandcamp page will suffice.

Pro-tip: The earlier ahead of your project’s release date you can inquire, the better for all involved. This isn’t just for my website but good general advice when submitting for reviews anywhere.



ARTIST/BAND BIO INQUIRES: If you are in need of a new bio for your website/social media/one sheet/etc., send an email with “BAND/ARTIST NAME Bio Inquiry” in the subject line.


Email: ThrowtheDiceandPlayNice(at)gmail.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/ThrowtheDiceandPlayNice
Twitter: @shadowmelody1

Instagram: @shadow.melody1
Linkedin: Linkedin.com/in/kiragrunenberg


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Occasionally, I can also be heard offering a cent or two alongside the gentlemen of (now defunct) PopUnmuted, a podcast for the in-depth discussion of pop music!


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