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Everything is escalating for Foxtrax!

Image courtesy of Foxtrax


Whenever a local music scene is the topic of discussion, as opposed to a statewide, national or even international trend in music, it can feel as though there is a lot happening because so many bands, in such a tight “confinement of space,” are constantly giving, and running off of, each others’ energy. Their collective drive is bouncing around among a smaller group of peers and smaller audience pool. That said, New York City indie rock trio, Foxtrax, balance both the kinetic energy of their local Long Island scene with a healthy amount of more widespread musician hustle; making plenty happen for themselves with no backdrop-fueled momentum needed.

The band’s most recent single, “Go It Alone” has been making internet waves and getting a plethora of plays since its release from only back in the beginning of this month. (A review of their lead single “Go It Alone” can be read here.) The new song easily showed itself to be even more well received than their previous track, “On The Run,” released back in mid-March.

Now, with April just about coming to a close, Foxtrax are keeping up their “single-minded approach” and have just finished work on two more brand new songs, “Save My Soul” and “Last Chance Blues.”

Get an EXCLUSIVE listen to both these tracks ahead of Foxtrax’s May 2 show at New York City’s Pianos! (More information on that show below.)




As is expected with the time that passes while creating any new music – but especially pertinent for a relatively neophyte band – Jared Stenz, Jon Stenz and Ben Schneid have further solidified their identity as a group, as well as tossed around plenty of emotions, thoughts and ideas relating to that which drives their songwriting and performance.

Below is an audio stream of a conversation between myself and the gentlemen of Foxtrax, wherein we talk recording, band chemistry, the musical decision making process, future plans and many other odds and ends!



Now that you’ve gotten to know Ben, Jon and Jared, come out to the Lower East Side of New York City to see them play with Crown Colony and hear the new tunes!

Foxtrax and Crown Colony at PIANOS!
Date: Saturday, May 2, 2015
Time: 9PM
Tickets $10.00 (Purchase through Ticketweb)

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