Interesting topic. I thought that serious pop music discussion has always been there. Recording artists in interviews have let interviewers know about the mechanics of how a song was recorded, mixed, written, how long did it take to do, problems with getting the end result,were you satisfied? The gossipy fare, boyfriend problems were usually left to fan magazines. The funny thing about pop music is that knowing alot about how its made and being able to discuss it intelligently always seems like you are trying to give it some kind of creditable reason to be taken seriously. I have been a songwriter and musician for many years and I’d like to think I could discuss pop music in its mechanical sense,melody, structure, production,but many times I still follow the same emotional reactions that I did as a child which was I liked it. I can’t explain why except it makes me feel good, wanna dance around the room,sing along,when I’m down, it makes me feel better, for that you don’t need to know how it was created just like I don’t need to know alot about classical music to enjoy the movements of a symphony.