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Gratitude – Invisible but Infinite

Today is the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving. It’s very much a hallmark of American culture and it is the one major occasion for celebration that everyone, regardless of background or religion, can fully embrace for its core message of thankfulness.

In light of such spirits, whether you’re a reader from the U.S. miles away across the ocean, I want to tell each of you I am most thankful for your visits, your reading, your comments and your sharing of all these topics.

As long as I am writing and you all keep reading, I will always be mindful of how important you readers are. I am so grateful this platform is here so that we can continue to share thoughts and feelings on the impossible-to-define nature of the beautiful arts we love.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

I leave you with a fun musical treat. This song, “S’wonderful,” from the Broadway show, “Nice Work If You Can Get It,” was performed earlier for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and is a classic Gershwin brothers show tune -a perfect way to start the day on a bright note. Enjoy!

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