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Mozart K. 256 …Beats per minute??

The child prodigy, the master of manuscript, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is being remembered worldwide today, for his 256th year. Such a lasting impression one man’s genius with ink and the grand staff can leave throughout the world. Musician’s everywhere tackle his works; playing and singing with the speed and precision to try and match Mozart’s racing thoughts. Composing since the age of five, he wasted no time in making a quantitative and qualitative mark on music that will probably last so long as there are instruments to be played.

I thought it would be interesting, since I don’t know Mozart’s entire Köchel catalog inside and out, to provide you all with the 256th item in Mozart’s compositional catalog, in honor of his 256th birthday celebration. Amusing enough, the piece I found… is quite the impressive vocal feat. The person who posted this video claims the performance was not digitally altered. (Whether I believe it was really sung this fast is another story…)

Here’s to 256 more years of people performing your repertoire Mozart!

Happy Birthday!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – K. 256, Aria for Tenor and Orchestra:
“Clarice, Cara mia Sposa.” – Performed by Tenor Marcel Reijans

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