time to change the way we view music and the arts

10 musical thoughts to remember into 2019

New (or in some cases continued) consideration of important thoughts for the new year.


Here’s a shorty-but-a-goodie of some worthwhile things to take into the new year:



  • Word of mouth is still the best way to get people to into new music and coming to live shows.
  • Not all women who play in bands want the fact that they are women, to be the first thing you notice about their presence in a band or on a stage as a solo artist.
  • Similarly, some women in bands or bands made up or women are very focused on promoting their female presence among the musical landscape. With these pairs of points, try to listen and-or read up and see which is which, not just assuming one way or the other. #ListeningIsGood
  • People still appreciate liner notes and having access to lyrics.
  • Celebrity, A-lister artists are real people and they’re allowed to feel inspired to try new creative ideas, just like that favorite, neighborhood, local band from down the street.
  • Criticism still has value in music because good criticism is born from the thoughts people learn to articulate from lots and lots of time listening to music.
  • Buying physical copies of music means a digital platform can’t just abruptly take the music away from you. (Here’s looking at you, Apple.)
  • Music can be written purely for entertainment but, it is also largely for education and awareness of real events in people’s lives. That includes sentiments of protest and expression of personal values.
  • If you’re making a judgement on an artist, step back and ask yourself: would I express this same sentiment an-or hold the same expectation for ANY musician, regardless of gender?


Anyone can enjoy any genre of music and it’s not weird to do so, even if it’s not popular by mainstream standards.

Wishing you and everyone you listen to music with, a happy and healthy new year!

Safe celebrations all around! See you (and hear you) in 2019!

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