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I don’t usually do spur of the moment posts. But considering the massive impact this particular musical had on the late 1990s and most of an theater going generation, the news bears posting.

RENT, this 1996 musical by American composer Jonathan Larson, is back!

It’s playing at the New World Stages on West 50th street in Manhattan as an off-broadway revival. (But really, when you still manage to play in west side midtown, who notices that you’re technically an “off-broadway production?”)

Similar to the international phenomenon Les_Misérables, which was temporarily revived in a limited-run in 2006, Rent’s revival comes less than three years after its leave of Broadway in 2008. Just from my personal experience and from the people I know, those two musicals being the pair of popular ones among my friends, it seems the scale of popularity is so tipped and the musicals’ existence is so missed, that hardly a noticeable window of time can pass before they are set to be given a new chance to light up the Great White Way.

Here is a short video with an earlier preview of the new Rent cast. Let’s see what they can do as time goes by.

Are you going to run and get tickets? Was Rent a huge topic of your 90s theater conversation? A staple of spontaneous sing-a-longs? And “most important” of all, how many schools back in Rent’s hay day did you hear about wanting “Seasons of Love” as their graduation song? 😛

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