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Get Back to Practicing or You Can’t Come to My Birthday Party!

It being the 5th of May, there’s another point that needs making. As a special short bonus post for today, I also have to take time to acknowledge one of the great concert halls of the world.

May 5, 1891, Carnegie Hall opened for the first time and presented ‘everyday pianist’ Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky with famed conductor Walter Damrosch. (Kind of funny how Tchaikovsky got such a reputation as a composer by the time he died, wouldn’t you agree?)

The revered venue is 120 this year and is celebrating with a gala featuring the cellist master himself, Yo-Yo Ma.

In tribute to the venue I have aspired to my whole life, and in honor of Yo-Yo Ma’s performance tonight, I present you all with this display of his musical genius interpreting Tchaikovsky’s “Andante Cantabile Op. 11 in D-flat Major” for Cello and String Orchestra.

Happy Birthday Carnegie Hall, may you continue to exist and allow many more greats to grace your stages.

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