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double trouble

After not having posted for over a week, I suddenly found myself thinking about a bunch of different things, but most of them were just bits and pieces of stuff that didn’t make for worthwhile writing.


Two bits and pieces I do need to mention, I am posting here. No discussion included, no reading between the lines. Just two videos that both were released yesterday and it made my day, since these are two of my favorite bands. If you’re not a fan of either, that’s completely okay, this is a somewhat shameless fan post anyway. ;-P Who knows though, maybe someone out there hasn’t discovered them yet. Think of this as a break to inhale.

Paramore – Playing God

The only afterthoughts I have to say are the following:
1) Hayley Williams can rock bright hair color like no other. I believe one review called it “pepto bismol pink”

2) Yesterday, when I first watched OneRepublic’s video, it only had 300 views. At that same time, a new video released by Justin Bieber had easily accumulated 300,000. I understand the contrasting audiences, age demographic, and the genre differences. really. Simply putting this out there just as a reflective thought…..

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