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Press Praise

“Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a wonderful review [of ‘Animals Acoustic!] I don’t just mean the compliments but actually REALLY listening to the record and dissecting it. Even if this would have been a negative review, that’d be cool – it’s extremely well written.”
TTNG (formerly known as This Town Needs Guns)

“Love the review [of the “Motion EP”] Kira! Thanks for the great work you put into it!”
–Nick Micheline, Vocalist/Songwriter of MAYVE

“Wonderful review [on the album “Sleeping Trees on Earth”], from Throw the Dice and Play Nice!”
–Team Aural Films 

“Thank you Kira Grunenberg for the awesome review and kind words [about “Patience for Apollo”]!”
–Eddie Lo, Vocalist/Guitarist/Songwriter of A New Bug

“HUGE HUGE Thank you to Kira Grunenberg [for the feature on Nice Garage’s 2nd anniversary show]! Kira, you are too good to us!”
Joe Arias, Co-Founder of Nice Garage

“Oooomg, thank you so much [for the review of “Collective Memory”]! You are a ridiculously good writer!”
–Brandon Peterson, Vocalist/Guitarist/Songwriter of Cloud Caverns

“[W]ow. such a thoughtful and articulate review [of our album “Stunner”]!!”
–Ian McGuiness, Songwriter/Vocalist/Guitarist of Side Saddle

“Cosmic review [of “This Album Does Not Exist”]!”

[Kira is] incredibly kind, and quick, and [her] writing is flattering and quality driven.”
–Shlomo Franklin, singer-songwriter

“What a review! Thanks for taking the time to really dig into the EP and talk about it! [The article] is incredibly nice and I love everything [Kira] wrote. I don’t know if anyone has ever really analyzed our music like that before!”
–Colin Orthmann, Vocalist/Guitarist/Songwriter of Outside Animals

“Wow – Thank you Throw the Dice and Play Nice! [Kira’s feature on “Strange Candy”] is the most accurate and well thought out review [Gillian has] ever received. It really captures the essence of why we still continue to play music with friends after all these years.”
–Brian Yurachek, Drummer of Gillian

“Thanks for the kind review [of my show at The Heath with No Depression] Kira!!”
–Sierra Hull, Mandolinist/Singer-songwriter 

“[T]hanks so much [to Kira] for the review [of our debut single, “Grey Wolf”] it was beautifully written.”
–Michael Schuler, Bassist/Kalimba, Songwriter of Storytellers 

“Beautiful review [of Ocean Blue Velvet Skies] from Throw the Dice and Play Nice‬ thank you Kira!!!”
–Maddie Elyse, Bassist/Singer/Songwriter of Polaris Rose

–Christian DiStasi, Vocalist/Guitarist/Songwriter of Secoué

“Thank you so much for [your] article [with No Depression]! Really, it was so beautifully written.”
–Aoife O’Donovan, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist/Vocalist in I’m With Her

“Super well written [review of our album “Redemption”] Kira! Very honest – I appreciate that.”
–Brett Steinberg, Vocalist/Songwriter of Kalimur

“This was one of my favorite interviews yet!… thanks for sharing Tigerbait! [Maddie and I] loved your interview questions! Thoughtful and challenging. Thanks Kira!”
–Peter Anthony, Guitarist/Vocalist/Songwriter of Polaris Rose

“Wow… just, wow. [Kira’s] article [on “Civil War”] is beautiful and I can’t really put into words how much I appreciate [her] really digging into the music. That is a rarity with a lot of editorial and this piece is by far my favorite written on [Edison] so far. [Kira’s] attention to detail and descriptive narrative was so refreshing.”
–Sarah Slaton, Vocalist/Songwriter of Edison 

“TIME TO CHANGE THE WAY WE VIEW MUSIC AND THE ARTS” couldn’t be said better! Thanks for beautifully covering our startup Kira!”
–Team injii

“I’m super excited to share this interview we did for the awesome “Throw The Dice & Play Nice.”…It came out so great!”
–Lara Snow, Vocalist/Producer of Lara Snow

“[Kira] is a very thoughtful interviewer.” [Her feature on Feral Conservatives] came out great!”
–Matt Francis, Drummer of Feral Conservatives

“Thank you…for the amazing article [on Sham and the “Identity” music video]. Every time [we] post it, people go nuts. I don’t think anyone could have said it better. You rock.”
–Damian Lamar Hudson, a.k.a. “Tragedy” of Sham

“So great, [Kira’s review of “In the Sun”] is wonderful…I really enjoy reading [her] stuff; [Her] understanding/appreciation of music really comes through.”
–Gordon Smith, Instrumentalist/Vocalist of The Kickstand Band

“[Kira’s] write-up [on It Was Romance] is amazing. I was really psyched to do this interview and recommend you go read it right now.”
–Lane Moore, Vocalist/Songwriter of It Was Romance

“I wanted to thank [Kira] for writing such a thoughtful and thorough review of Cadenza…It’s awesome to see the deep analysis of trends in ‘music AI’ and [her] take on our position and direction. I especially appreciate the time [she] took to understand the core value and various features of Cadenza from a musician’s standpoint.”
–Ann Chao, CEO/Co-founder of Sonation, developer of Cadenza Music App

“[Kira wrote a] truly amazing review of my Summers 2 EP. Truly humbled. Also, [her] view on the EP is pretty spot on. The direction…of what dictates the song[s] has never been [explained] so clearly. 100% nailed the perspective behind it…”
(from June, 2015)

“[Your] feature [on Pathfinder and High Five Spaceship] was really well written. Even though I’m involved it’s always nice to hear [Christopher Bingham’s] take on it all.”
(from June, 2015)
–Jack Shaw, R&B/Soul-inspired singer-songwriter

“The article [on our new single] gave me goosebumps…I absolutely love it, and you really captured [Crown Colony] perfectly. You touched on everything that I hoped and in such an elegant way.”
–Chris Yerinedes, Vocalist/Lead Guitarist of Crown Colony

[Kira] Thanks so much for the glowing review!”
–Ben Schneid, Guitarist/Vocalist of Foxtrax

“Some real talent over there [at Throw the Dice and Play Nice]!!”
–Jon Stenz, Drummer of Foxtrax

“Everybody needs to go check out [Kira Grunenberg’s] site [ThrowtheDiceandPlayNice.com,] ASAP. Great music journalism (a rare thing).”
–Alec Ciesla, Founder of Wolves Records

“[Kira is] super quick [with turnaround]! Oh god, I just read [her] review. SO FANTASTIC! [She’s] an exceptional writer.”
–Brandon Peterson, Guitarist/Vocalist of Hotel of the Laughing Tree

“The article [Kira] wrote [about my music] was so beautifully written and kind!”
–Jess Ingui, Jazz/R&B/Soul singer

“Thank you to Kira Grunenberg for the awesome write-up [on the Scorpio Bash]!”
–Peter DeMaio, Founder-The Satellite Tribe, Guitarist/Lead Vocalist of The Phantom and the Fox

“It’s amazing how you captured everything [in our interview] really raw and accurate[ly] too!”
–Mahdi Hosseini, Founder-Customuse 3D printed guitars

“I’ll speak on behalf of all artists and say [how you approach listening to different kinds of music] is amazing. We need more people like you writing about what we do.”
–Dane Schmidt, also known as, Jamestown Story

“Thanks so much for the cracking write up Kira – love your writing style too!!”
–Chris Howley, Lead Guitarist/Vocalist of Pint Size Hero

“Great piece about ‪#soundwaveV2 from our friend [Kira Grunenberg]!”
(from July 2014)
“Really awesome review by our friend ‪[Kira Grunenberg] at ‪SoundCtrl about our latest update! Sums up comments perfectly!” (from January 2014)
–Team Soundwave

“Thx a lot for your very great and nicely comprehensive article!!”
–Team Phonotonic 

“[Your article on the Loudie app] was great and I really appreciate it!” 
–Lance Dashoff, CEO/Founder-Loudie

“Very informative review of Tachyon!”
–Jordan Rudess, Keyboardist of Dream Theater, creator of Tachyon App / Founder of Wizdom Music

“An insightful blog post on Hilary’s “In 27 Pieces”.”
–Hilary Hahn’s Team 

“[G]reat work!”
–Pat Scandalis, Founder, CEO-moForte Guitar App

“Awesome piece by [Kira Grunenberg] about how SongLily LLC makes music licensing easy for app developers!”
–Melissa Meyers, PR with  SongLily LLC

“You wrote about [Gralbum] beautifully…your piece was wonderful, Sarth [Calhoun] was thrilled when he read it.”
–Jeff Newelt, PR with The Gralbum Collective

“[Kira wrote] a lovely article about The Gralbum Collective.”
–Sarth Calhoun, Founder-The Gralbum Collective

“Just fantastic, Kira, and beautifully written [press on Audiobus 2] – thank you!”
–Michael Tyson, Founder-Audiobus / Audiobus 2

“[The whole MusikFly team] absolutely love[s] the article. We’ve gotten some great traffic and feedback from the post, and I think [Kira] did an amazing job with describing our business!”
–Fletcher Richman, CEO-MusikFly

“Thanks so much [to] Kira at [Throw the Dice and Play Nice] for the beautiful article.”
–Team of “The Bohemians Movie”

“[T]hank you, Kira Grunenberg of throw the dice and play nice, for your wonderful review [of my album Firefly.] :)”
–Michelle Nadia, folk singer-songwriter

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